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fic: All That Remains

Hello! I'm new to the fandom (but not the games :D), and finding it very lonely. Considering I've been going through my second playthrough (good Karma this time, it is SO WEIRD), and just basically fangirling at the blank wall that is my non-fandoming bf, I needed to get something out, lol.

Title: All That Remains
Fandom: inFamous
Characters/Pairings: Zeke/Cole, evil!Cole as canon
Warning/Spoilers: Waaaay major spoilers for the first game. Also, violent!Cole (not really a warning with evil!Cole as canon)
Summary: After events come to a head, Cole can see nothing but Kessler's goddamn face, laughing at him. He's not a man to suffer being ridiculed, not any more.
Author's Notes: So it turns out that it's nearly impossible to reconcile my evil!Cole canon with my ship, so this is probably the only thing I'll ever write with my Coleo in it. Le sigh. Link goes to ao3, since I've been moving ALL my fic there, despite there not appearing to be a fanbase for the games there? Also, some slight handwaving of location might be necessary, considering it's been a while since I played the first game.