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fic: All That Remains

Hello! I'm new to the fandom (but not the games :D), and finding it very lonely. Considering I've been going through my second playthrough (good Karma this time, it is SO WEIRD), and just basically fangirling at the blank wall that is my non-fandoming bf, I needed to get something out, lol.

Title: All That Remains
Fandom: inFamous
Characters/Pairings: Zeke/Cole, evil!Cole as canon
Warning/Spoilers: Waaaay major spoilers for the first game. Also, violent!Cole (not really a warning with evil!Cole as canon)
Summary: After events come to a head, Cole can see nothing but Kessler's goddamn face, laughing at him. He's not a man to suffer being ridiculed, not any more.
Author's Notes: So it turns out that it's nearly impossible to reconcile my evil!Cole canon with my ship, so this is probably the only thing I'll ever write with my Coleo in it. Le sigh. Link goes to ao3, since I've been moving ALL my fic there, despite there not appearing to be a fanbase for the games there? Also, some slight handwaving of location might be necessary, considering it's been a while since I played the first game.

The Unexpected

Title: The Unexpected
Rating: Mature for language.
Fandom: inFAMOUS
Notes: Just some new head-canon. We've all wondered about Zeke's glasses now and then right?
Summary: Cole’s eyebrows shot up. Did this dickweed know who he was talking to? Cole spread his hands on the faux-stone of the fold-out and leaned into the dude’s face. “What do you think I’m gonna do dipshit? I’m gonna knock your face in.”

"He had never beaten around the bush." (Links to my journal)

inFAMOUS 2: Festival of Blood

Hey guys, long time no update!

This post is about the newly announced inFamous 2 (sort of) DLC: Festival of Blood!
image, video and information under the cut!Collapse )
What do you guys think?
Sound off in the comments!

[fic] our lives run parallel

Um, hi guys. So I wrote a fic about Kessler. It was magical.

our lives run parallel
kessler (kessler/wolfe if you tilt your head sideways and squint)
883 words
summary: One thing that happens to Kessler at 2PM, and one at 2AM.
warnings: spoilery for the first game, contains old men being awkward and Kessler maybe crying.


Hi everyone

I accidentally two inFamous Cole figurines from the Hero edition of inFamous 2. Now, I'm kinda wondering what to do with (one) of them.

I was thinking of Karma-ing up one, but what do I choose I like both *sob*

Help a bro out?

Poll #1758588 Karmariffic

What Karma should I kitbash my Cole figure into

Bad ass mofo who licks batteries
The god guy who hugs kittens and Zeke and saves puppies

Thanks! <3

Backgrounds and banners

Hello everyone! Sorry to spam once again, should be the last for a little while! I come bringing images this time. Since I needed a new layout anyway, I thought I'd make a few variants and share them. If you need anything changed let me know, I can change them!

Banners have large transparent space at the top so they drop down from the top of your LJ page a bit, see my journal for example. This can be changed. Also, the backgrounds are set up for "Expressive" theme, so if you have another theme and want the dark background boxes I can do that as well. Just comment with good or evil, and which number.

These are considered "wide screen" but can be changed upon request. Sorry. These are all the same image, with different color types. Click them to take you to the bigger images.

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Christmas Wish

Title: Christmas Wish
Fandom: InFAMOUS
Chapte: One Shot
Rating: Teen for language
Characters: Cole and Zeke
Author: MSManuscript
Summary: New England winters were always a marvel to the rest of the country. The packed cities with all their lights, dusted over with a beautiful layer of snow. Oh the magic of Photoshop.
Notes: Has anyone noticed on FF.N that Zeke isn't a character option?! Also, sorry for fic spamming.

(Fake cut to my journal.)

Intro and fic!

Hello! Hope no one minds me posting here. I'm Serif, very very new to the InFAMOUS fandom. I only JUST unlocked the third island on the first game today. So, I haven't exactly finished the game. I kind of know how it ends, and kind of know a bit about the second game, but am trying REALLY hard not to spoil it for myself.

I come baring fiction for you today! Chapter one of something that amused the crap out of me when it popped into my head. Enjoy? As I've said, I'm still very new to the game, so I do apologize if they aren't fully in character. If something is off about how they speak/act, please let me know so I can keep an eye out and characterize them better. Also, no icons for me yet. I need to buy more icon space...

Title: The Sun Never Shines on Closed Doors.
Author: MSManuscript
Chapter: One/?, Just a thought.
Pairing: Cole/Zeke if you wish it to be.
Summary: “Zeke, that has to be the worst idea I’ve ever heard.” Zeke had always been full of ideas. Good ideas, bad ideas… that was up to interpretation. But they were always ideas.


inFamous tease - The Beast!

Sucker Punch reveals a glimpse of Empire City as it falls to wreck and ruin - at the hands of the Beast!

Roll on June.... I'm so excited to play this now! And the graphics have improved so much as well, I feel like I'm watching a movie. :D


inPrototype: then spoke the thunder

I've started up an inFamous/Prototype mashup.

Here(on LJ), or here(on Fanfiction.net).

I hope you like it.